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The above is George M. Schultz and his wife Martha — my father’s grandparents.

When I was a kid, my Grandma Castillo would play her ukulele on the front porch of the house my Grandfather built, while we kids sang “Ain’t Gonna Rain No More” all night long. Then we’d listen attentively while she’d tell us stories of her childhood, and of her family.

However, she never documented her life, the life of any of her parents, brother, aunts, uncle, etc — so all of that went to the grave with her — except for what might be able to accurately reconstructed from the memory of a ten-year-old. Worst yet, she was really the only of my relatives tell these stories, and so while we know a little about her parents — we know very little about our other ancestors.

I have put together this web site in a last ditch effort for the Generation 1 (the generation of my parents) family members who are still with us, to take the time to document their memories of family members no longer with us.

A Wiki is a reference item that many people can collaborate on. A good example of a complete wiki would be that of George Schultz, and mine. To edit your and others wikis that you’d have information to collaborate on requires a little practice getting use to what’s required to format. It certainly is a piece of cake for the kids of my generation, and most of my generation. The on-line  help (an old fart like me figured it out quickly) is strong and you can view other wikis to see how it was done.

However I see this to be something that might trouble some in my generation, and most in the generation of my parents — so they can email me the information and  I’ll get it on there for them. Further, if you write your autobiography and don’t want it put onto the Wiki until after you’ve passed — I’ll keep it confidential and save until then.

Regardless — you still will need to be registered to not only edit a Wiki — but to read them too. Again, this is so we can keep this as family only business and not for the entire Internet.

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