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Dave Schultz The Old Hippie

Schultz Patriarch Passes

George D. Schultz died on December 24, 2014 – six years to the day after his sister, one day after his 83rd Birthday.

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Dallas & Dave’s Racing Season Final

The below is a report we give to the good people who sponsor (or we hope to some day sponsor) product for The Texas Whale and Big Red Ram.

Dave Schultz
October 16, 2013

indy2013We spent the weekend and Monday getting Big Red Ram, the Vitamin C and the rig ready and loaded for the final points race of the Year. The virtually new engine for the Texas whale had blown in Qualifying for the second time this year back at Joliet, this time fatally and forever (as in barely enough left of it for burial rights) and the engine from the new engine builder wasn’t ready yet — so I was relegated to the backup car (Vitamin C).

Dallas was third in points for the chase, and I was way back in eighth after the two engine failures had me miss 1st round Eliminations in 1/3 of the Points Races. It was my worst year in all of the years I’ve been racing. Doug Duell had First Place locked in after winning the first three races (Bradenton, Atlanta & Joliet) — and making the Semis in a 6 round race at Bowling Green. Dallas had a shot at 2nd place and all I could do was to try to improve my standings a little.

We left early Tuesday morning and arrived in Evansville, IN Wednesday afternoon — so I could drive a truck and trailer with Doug Duell’s Drag Pack to Indy for him. We arrived in the motorhome staging area Wednesday night and set up our pits (including bringing in 00Joe’s second car) Thursday morning.

After setting up the pits, establishing credentials, and taking the cars to be teched in, we took took the engine pulled from the black Coronet (being completely rebuilt to be the backup car) to our new engine builder to be inspected and freshened, and picked up a totally brand new bullet (about $25K) making 909hp @ 6500 and 806TQ. This new engine had been built to the same specs (and by the same builder) as the motor we’ve run in the Big Red Ram for the last two seasons. Duell also has run this engine for four years.

1382325_10200678502580707_306458829_nThis race made for a very long week. NMCA/NHRA Unleashed had a LSX class racing — and the majority of those racers were not very experienced. It took them a very long time to stage — and there was at least a half dozen full track oil downs as they haven’t yet learned to pull to the wall and stop as soon as safely possible.

Friday night, the Duell’s and Schultz’ threw a little NSS Driver’s Soirée in our pits — attended by most of the NSS teams. 40 Photos can be Found on the “Live At Indy” thread at

Indy04 Indy12Cutting to the chase, I qualified 5th of 28 and Dallas 13th.


1392030_10151727762992545_1275840328_n Despite a better light, I lost in the second round when Bates ran a 10.501 on his 10.50 Index. Dallas won three rounds but lost in the semis when he had to lift on a track that had gone away — and just seen a major accident in his lane a few cars ahead of him. However, his competitor (Jimmy Ray) ran a great race and wound up winning the Wally for the event – just before midnight Monday morning. Always easier to take a loss when the competitor runs a good race.

We left the track Monday Morning and arrived back at our shop in Richmond, TX on Tuesday afternoon.

Dallas was able to manage a solid 2nd Place for the year in the Championship Points Race — and I was able to improve one or two positions (official points haven’t been released yet). I can promise a much better showing next year with going a different route on my motors.

Dallas and I would like to thank Fuelab, Royal Purple and TTI for their sponsorship of their Best of Class products — and we sure hope we can add a couple more to help us with product over the winter.

Finally, go to for a big selection of NSS Wall Calendars featuring the Mopars, Fords, and GMs of NSS racing for 30% off what the Cafe Press Marketplace sells them.

If you had problems seeing any of the photos in this report — please go to the Big Red Ram web site.

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Norwalk Sponsor Report

norwalk1Dave Schultz – August 27, 2013

This time last year I was in first place and all was going great. This year we’ve needed to have a sense of humor to keep our sanity. Actually Dallas is doing pretty good, but I’ve blown two engines and missed eliminations twice — but that’s just the beginning of what’s made this year interesting — and proving that some years you’re the windshield — and some years the bug. A very very expensive year for me.

Doug Duell has had quite the year — winning the first three races and runnered up at the Dave Duell Classic (named for his father). Since you only count four of six races in the NMCA Champion Chase this year — he’s got it all locked up. Many of the other Top Ten racers had pulled the plug on the season (tow of the top five were no shows) because of the cost and no chance to win — but Dallas and I had promised sponsors we’d make all of the races — plus we’d never raced in Norwalk before. Dallas also has a good chance for 2nd place for the year.

My wagon is still without a motor as I’m negotiating with a couple of new engine builders — so I was again relegated to the Vitamin C backup car. A very different car in a very different index — requiring a very different strategy as I’m most often being chased instead of chasing.

We spent Tuesday loading up the rig and making it ready, taking care of business for the week we’d be away from home; and pulled out of the shop Wednesday morning. While in Arkansas, Dallas (who was driving) noticed that one of the trailer tires didn’t look right and pulled to the side of the road. We’d gotten talked into buying 6 new Gladiator G Load-Rated trailer tires back in March — and have lost two of them since then. The photo below shows another Gladiator with the same sidewall bubble forming and popping issue.

norwalk2We changed the tire (a real pain in the ass on a loaded stacker on the side of the road!) and pressed on, spending the night in the parking lot at Walmart in Jackson, TN. In the morning we took the spare into the auto center and had then mount another tire we brought along. We usually have one mounted spare and one unmounted. On the road by 9:30Am and all was going well when just north of Nashville — boom! Another Gladiator blowout.

Norwalk3So we again change the tire on the side of the road in 100 temperature. Now we’re out of spares, so while Dallas is driving I’m working the phone trying to find three new Goodyear G614 to put on the left side, and eliminate the remaining two Gladiators and have a spare. I find three in Bowling Green — although they tell us they can’t mount them. A bird in the hand (they’re hard tires to find on the road) is better than two in the bush — so we head there. Two miles away — boom-boom go the remaining Gladiators. Before you think we must not check the tire pressure — I assure you the maximum is put in before we leave the shop every time. This isn’t our first rodeo.

Norwalk5So we pull into back lot of a Kroger, as it was the only place to get to, and I start working the phone to find a tire place that not only has the Goodyear G Rated and can mount on wheels — but will come and get us with three flat tires and return us with three new. I find such a place and we get to removing the tires. The process took damn near five hours in almost 100 degree heat. When done we each showered up and I drove while Dallas grabbed a nap. I turned the driving back over to him between Cincinnati and Columbus — and we got the to track’s staging area at about 2:30AM.

8AM we get to our pit and started setting it up, establishing credentials, and teching in the cars — while holding a pit spot for Doug Duell — who would be coming with a pickup and trailer on Saturday and staying with us.

Norwalk7We had two time trials on Friday afternoon and the first round of qualifying at 7PM. We generally set up the cars to be .02 seconds slow to make sure we get in — then use the next two Qualifying rounds to push the envelope for a #1 spot. I ran a 11.022 on a 11.0 and Dallas a 9.547 on a 9.50 and we had the third and fourth spots (25 cars) after the first round.

  1. 7026 b/nss randy stansbury ragley la 10.512 10.5 0.012
  2. 7025 e/nss 66 farilane ford 390 doug poskevich deland fl 12.02 12 0.02
  3. 7601 c/nss 63 savoy dave schultz richmond tx 11.022 11 0.022
  4. 7602 b/fx dodge 540 dallas schultz richmond tx 9.542 9.5 0.042
  5. 7681 c/nss 65 belvedere hemi 426 jeffrey hoblick flushing oh 11.083 11 0.083
  6. 7270 c/fx 64 savoy plym jeff millward columbia station oh 9.884 9.75 0.134
  7. 7295 c/nss 64 belvedere plym 426 john dinkel pinckney mi 11.357 11 0.357
  8. 7014 aaa/fx 68 barracuda plym 632 michael sanders brook in 11.165 8.75 2.415
  9. 7105 a/nss 36 dodge dodge 493 russ konkowski aurora oh 9.999 10 -0.001
  10. 7442 d/nss 65 olds 442 olds 400 jim clay delta oh 11.494 11.5 -0.006
  11. 7421 d/nss 63 tempest pont 421 gary beemer atica mi 11.491 11.5 -0.009
  12. 7464 c/fx 64 dodge 440 dodge 572 joe midile jr medina oh 9.724 9.75 -0.026
  13. 7534 b/fx 64 belvedere plym 426 doug wright waterford mi 9.463 9.5 -0.037
  14. 7017 b/nss 63 polara dodge 426 joe ewing evansville in 10.419 10.5 -0.081
  15. 7251 aaa/fx 65 chevelle chev 477 bill white demotte in 8.665 8.75 -0.085
  16. 7022 b/nss 64 thunderbolt ford 427 skip koester columbia station oh 10.386 10.5 -0.114
  17. 2 a/fx 65 comet merc 517 kurt neighbor twinsburg oh 9.131 9.25 -0.119
  18. 7437 b/nss 64 savoy plym 437 frank nadvit grafton oh 10.349 10.5 -0.151

Norwalk is one of the nicest tracks in the country. It has the reputation as being the most racer friendly, and it is as good as any I’ve ever been at. While our NSS class was able to ultimately muster 25 racers because of so many living in the area — the rest of the classes had a real light showing. About half the car count than what was expected. I’m sure it is a combination of the cost of diesel, lack of sponsor help, and run-aways in most of the car classes are the reason. We did twice over the weekend take advantage of the $1 pound ice cream they’re famous for.

Norwalk6On Friday night I had Dallas change the shift light points in my tach to adjust for the weather expected Saturday. We adjusted the weight in both cars and Dallas was able to run a 9.507 — but my car didn’t act right in both the burnout and started to sound weird and breakup at 4500 RPM so I immediately lifted and pulled to side while looking in the mirror. When I saw that I wasn’t oiling it down I drove off the track at 55.

Back in the pits we poured all over the car — finding absolutely nothing. I took it for a fast drive — although not able to get close to the RPM it was screwing up. We thought maybe a convertor issue and I decided that I’d have to run it until it broke so we could figure out what the issue was. Since Dallas had the #2 spot with a .007 we decided to push the envelope on his and he broke out with a 9.497. I was able to determined that my problem was the tach was reading wrong by a lot — almost double. In the previous round I’d hit the red line but the tach had said 4500. Same happened in the last Qualifying so I shifted to third by ear for a 11.202. I thought the tach must have been configured to 4cyl — but that wasn’t it. We don’t carry a spare tach and couldn’t find a tach or shift light before the first round of eliminations at 9AM Sunday. I set the car up based on my Friday run and shifted by ear. I ran the exact number I was set up for — but was -.007 red on the tree. The guy I ran had the run of his life with a .017 light and a 11.002 ET — so I would have lost anyway. Dallas was also a first round runner up. He’d been cutting great lights all weekend, but was just a tad slower than the other guy — and brokeout with a 9.497.

We were on the road at 1PM. The plan was to drive the 1350 miles straight — but at 2:30AM — BOOM!

Norwalk8This one was by far the biggest PITA as it was up against the guardrail on a steep incline. We had to jack it up 5-6 times and use jackstands to move the jack around to get the spare on. When done we headed to Walmart in North Little Rock for the night — as we were whipped and needed another spare.

We slept until 8, showered, and then headed to a truck stop. While I was in the tire shop waiting in line to talk to someone — Dallas weighed the truck and trailer to see if being overweight was blowing the tires. The trailer (triple 7,000 axles) is rated for 21,000 pounds and I figured we we’re around there.

weight1He came back with a slip saying the trailer weighed 35,300 pounds. I couldn’t believe it! I asked Dallas if he was sure he was on the scales right — and he assured me that he was.

So we get another tire mounted and I’m driving and it keeps bothering me that the trailer weighs so much. We have two cars – and the backup car is all metal/glass and very heavy; golf cart and big tool chest; and a spare transmission plus 9 crates of spare parts — but still can’t buy 35,000 pounds. I’m thinking I’m going to have to sell my trailer and get and heavier one — plus move parts to motorhome and leave stuff home; then I decide to pull into a Flying J for a second opinion.

weight2I’ll assume Dallas didn’t do it right and I’m real glad I went for a second opinion. I’ve ordered 8 new 17.5″ forged wheels and H-rated/75MPH rated Goodyears for (ugh!) $6,200. That will increase the load from 3,750 per tire to 4,500 per tire.

We finally got home Monday night. The truck’s dash A/C crapped out, so it was windows down, and to cap off the weekend — and piece of artwork shipped to me was left outside the shop by UPS and it was ruined from rain.

Yup — sometime you’re the bug, and sometimes the windshield. You just wake up in the morning and realized you survived the drama from the day before — and that life is just a bungee cord of ups and downs. The light at the end of the tunnel is that Dallas will have second place if he can go one round more than the Michael Sanders– who won the Norwalk race. If not — he should have third unless someone runs away with the 1.5X’s points for Indy.

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Carmen Schultz’ Branch


By Carmen L. (Castillo) Schultz – June 19, 2013

Josephine Agnes Krajenka was born Feb. 22, 1882 and died July 15, 1959.  She married Guy Andrew Lyons( born Nov.5, 1876 in Plymouth Mi.) on April 25,1903 in Detroit Michigan. She was strict Catholics.  Guys family were all Lutheran. Grandpa drove grandma to church every Sunday morning and then went home to make his 3 P breakfast (potatoes, pancakes and pork chops)  After service we would usually drive Grandma back to the cottage and grandpa would have the breakfast already on the table for us. Guy died June 25, 1946 in an automobile accident just outside of Fenton. They said a possible heart attack and his car hit a tree. That is when my grandma sold our treasured lake house at Runyan Lake and came to live with us.  They had two children Frank Harold Lyon (b) Feb 22, 1904 and Frances Mary Lyon (Krajenka).  Josie (as my grandfather called her) also raised two grandsons Howard (Franks son) and Noel (Frances son) plus as a general rule had the rest of the Castillo grandchildren with her for summer vacation three months out of the year.  She was one fantastic person and one outstanding grandmother.

Frances Mary Lyon (Krajenka) (b) May 14, 1908 married (1)Noel Mitchell Francis Sr. (b) 1990 on the Passamaquoddy (meaning People of the Dawn) Indian Reservation near E Port Maine.  Noel died March 25-65. 1 son Noel M. Francis Jr.(b)July 2, 1927 (2)Francis married Ralph Maria Castillo (Ralph was born March 8, 1901 in Caracas, Venezuela, South America) Ralph had son Luis by previous marriage.  Louis lived in the U.S until in his late teens he got into trouble and was deported to Caracas, Venezuela, S.A. Carmen received a letter from him after her engagement photo was published about 1953, congratulating her and stating that he was married and had three little girls.  Rumor had it that he died before 1970. Ralph had 2 children with Frances, Carmen Luisa Castillo (b) April 22, 1935 in Detroit, Mi. and Ralph Guy Castillo (b) Jan 1, 1937 in Detroit, Mi. Our father, Ralph Maria died Sept. 30, 1973 and our mother, Frances died Dec. 16, 1978.  Ralph and Frances are buried in Fenton, Michigan next to Guy and Josephine Lyon at St. Johns Catholic Church. My eldest brother Noel is also buried there.

Carmen Luisa Castillo married George Duane Schultz (b) Dec. 22, 1931 in Brownsville, Texas on Aug. 12, 1954 at Sacred Heart Church.  They have 7 children. Carmen and Duane were childhood friends and continued their friendship to adulthood. Duane joined the Navy at 17 serving honorably. Carmen (14 yrs. old) moved down to Brownsville, TX. with her family. The two continued their friendship via mail.  When Duane’s enlistment was over instead of going back home to Detroit, he came to Brownsville, to ask Carmen’s father for her hand in marriage.  Ralph said that they could get married but first she would have to graduate from Brownsville High School and Duane would need to go back home and prepare himself to be a husband i.e. get a job, transportation etc.  In the following year Duane drove back down to Brownsville in his shiny new beauty of a Desoto (his first car that he had washed and waxed every week) to collect his bride. He brought along the only sibling, his younger sister Diane to be part of the wedding party. The wedding party consisted of Duane’s sister Diane, Carmen’s brothers younger (by 22 months) Ralph and Noel, his wife Wilma, their children flower girl Lynn, and Ring bearer Michael, best friend Shirley Chassion, Charles House, June and George Bushard. The wedding was beautiful though there had been a terrible storm the night before. The reception was a barbeque at the bride’s home.  Carmen and her father had raised a calf, Samson for the main course.  Unfortunately Carmen had gotten attached to “her pet” and decided Samson WAS NOT to be the main course.  Samson was sold (or so she was told) to pay for the beef that was roasted over a pit.  The honeymoon was a cross country trip from Brownsville to their new residence in Detroit, Michigan. Unfortunately one of the groom’s men painted Duane’s Desoto with WHITE ENAMAL PAINT (that sat in the bright, hot sun baking most of the day).  They didn’t find out about this until they stopped at the corner gas station to have the “JUST MARRIED” removed.  The service men would not do it for fear of damaging the beautiful finish so Duane took off his suit coat, rolled up his sleeves and for close to three hours gently used rubbing compound to take the paint off his beautiful car with the servicemen all smiling each time they passed the car and the SLEEPING BRIDE. It was a good thing Duane had put so much wax on the Desoto as that, plus loving care was all that saved its’ finish. It was also a good thing that groomsman Mr. House wasn’t anywhere near Duane at that time or for many years after…Even now talk to him about it and he boils over.

Son #1 David Duane (b) June 16, 1955 in Detroit, Mi. married Deborah Lynn Handzlik (born Buffalo, NY on Mar 3, 1956) in Brownsville, Texas on April 21, 1979. Previous to that he served honorably in the United States Air Force. David is retired but owned several companies and continues to keep involved in various activities. Dave tries to give the impression of being a tough guy but actually has a heart of gold.  He monthly helps his father financially and has not only gotten his mother two cars BUT HER FIRST A NEW CADILLAC no less.  They have taken their parents on numerous cruises. Deb was a registered nurse and is the one everyone goes to for advice and care. Her humor is outstanding, and it’s amazing how much she accomplishes not only for her own family but for anyone needing help. They have 5 children…Danielle Anne (b) March 3, 1982 (born on her mother’s birthday) in Buffalo, N.Y. Danielle married Edward Sikes at Tuscany Villa in Katy, TX.  On January 21, 2012.. Eddie was born in Lafayette, Louisiana on August 16, 1984. They so enjoy one another and one of their favorite amusements is going to the rifle range and competing against one another. Eddie wants to be sure Danielle can protect herself.  She was given a gun as one of the many gifts he’s given her. She works as an Instrument Supervisor at Synery Health. They have a lovely home just a few miles from Dave and Deb as does Desiree and Dallas. Desiree Lee was born Aug. 9, 1984 in Houston TX.  She graduated from Baylor University with a Degree in Business.  She has her own home just a few blocks away from her parents and works at URS. Her supervisor has said she is one of the most intelligent, talented people they have in the company. God seems to have taken the outstanding traits of both her parents and wrapped them all up in a package called Desiree. Dallas Ryan was born Oct. 9, 1987 in Houston, TX. One of his first gifts at the hospital for him from his grandmother Carmen (G.G-ma C) was a baseball bat and mitt with balloons. Dallas has his own home and is the Crew Chief and shop manager.  He is an avid drag racer as is his father; traveling around the country winning numerous awards and trophies. He is an outstanding young man always has time to help his grandparents whether it is fixing computers, planting beautiful rose bushes or bringing over a floral arrangement for a grieving grandmother and then sitting and spending time with her until she feels better or  burying a beloved pet for a tearful grandfather who had his dog for 17 yrs. Justin Keith (b) April 8, 1990 in Dallas, TX.  He married Melissa Kathlene Regalado, December 24th, 1991, and was born in Pomona, Ca. They were married September 17th, 2011, near Dallas, TX. Their precious red headed, little son, :)Micah Isaac was born December 28th 2012, in Tucson Az. He is the first grandchild for Dave and Deb and definitely the apple of their eyes…  Justin is in the United States Air Force and is now stationed in Arizona.   Hope Britney Nichole Schultz was born July 23, 1998, and while her adoption was finalized in 2007, she’s lived with her parents since she was a few weeks old.  She is a beautiful young lady currently a freshman in high school. Hope has so many attributes but my personal favorite (speaking as a proud grandmother) is her beautifully expressive eyes.  She just wins you over with those eyes of hers and her sweet personality.

Son #2 Douglas Bernard (b) Aug. 12, 1956 in Detroit, Mi. He married Deborah Lynn Chandler on Aug. 28, 1982 in Houston, TX. Deb was born Apr. 12, 1955 in Lawrence, Kansas. Deborah is known as “the Hostess with the Mostest” and for awhile owned and ran a lovely wedding hall.  Her good taste is noted throughout Katy as is her generosity. Their children are two girls…Rachael Nicole (b) April 22, 1984 in Houston, TX. and Lauren Elizabeth (b) March 19, 1987 in Houston, TX.  When Rachael was born Douglas called his Mom (Carmen) and told her he had a birthday present for her as his first born was born on Carmen’s birthday. Lauren was married to Samuel Edwin Gobin (b) Oct. 13, 1986 in Temple, TX. and they have two sons, Isaac Douglas (b) Feb. 12, 2007 in Houston, TX. and Seth Edwin (b) Feb. 18, 2011 born in Katy, TX. Isaac is as smart as they come and a real wise guy…very funny. Seth is a real cutie pie. Like their aunt and uncles, these two have different personalities. Lauren is a stay at home mom. They reside in Katy, TX. in the same home that Lauren and Rachael were raised. Rachael lives in her townhome in Houston, TX. Douglas and Deb originally bought Carmen the lovely town house in Houston but after several years decided it would be nice having her closer in the Katy area. They bought her an absolutely gorgeous patio home and gave her the money to completely furnish it . The townhouse is the same that Doug’s daughter Rachael now owns.  Rachael recently became engaged to Todd Spivey who lives in Katy,  TX. And is a trainer in Katy. They are planning a possible romantic destination wedding in Costa Rica for sometime in April of 2014.

Son #3 Daniel James (b) May 6, 1958 in Detroit, Mi. m. Deborah A. Flores in Brownsville, TX. Aug. 11, 1980. Deb. was born Dec. 4, 1961 in Brownsville, TX. She looked absolutely gorgeous coming down the aisle in her beautiful wedding gown and everything in candlelight. Talk about radiant! There was a hurricane the day before and all electricity was out which allowed for a romantic candlelight church service, all in Spanish as the original priest “got out of town because of the bad weather” It also allowed for togetherness as everyone (most of the wedding party and people from out of town coming to join in the celebration) had moved into Ralphs home…  All the other homes were flooded but Ralph’s house was built on stilts.  The mass amount of food that Carmen had prepared for the reception was now used to feed everyone as they endured the bad weather, BUT HAD FUN DOING SO! We are a family who if given lemons WILL MAKE LEMONAIDE. It will also be an experience long remembered and talked about. Not many weddings during hurricane recovery. They have two children, a boy, David Cory (b) Sept. 9, 1981 in Brownsville, TX. He was the first grandchild born to the Schultz clan.  Most of the family was waiting his arrival (some in the overflowing waiting room and the remainder in cars out in the hospital parking lot.) Dan spent a good deal of his time racing around the waiting room in a wheel chair he “borrowed” from the hall way trying to act cool so his nervousness wouldn’t show… Going into the delivery room Deb had decided on the name David “Allen” (for the hurricane that hit down during their wedding) but after many hours in delivery…the little baby boy came out with the name David “Cory”. Next came their little girl, Tanya Nichole who was born Jan. 28, 1987, in Pasadena, TX.  She was and is an absolute princess and adored by all. They live in Katy, TX. Tanya lives in Austin with her husband David Carl Clausen who was born in Oregon. They were married in Dripping Springs, TX. They met when both attended the Cordon Bleu Culinary Academy, (both are certified chefs). Dan works for Whataburger as Area Manager supervising between 6-8 stores Deb works for United Recovery Systems in Houston, TX. She says she’s pretty much Jack of all Trades there,  but I know that her boss says that she is an extremely hard worker and gets her work done twice as fast as any other employee…She is very active, walking 3 miles every day and is into scrapbooking, crocheting and gardening. Both she and Dan make the most fantastic Christmas gifts.  They enjoy one another’s company and both are extremely talented.  David Cory is in real estate and he is also bartender.  Tanya is learning crocheting from her mom and is a professional baker but right now is working for Whataburger .  Eventually she and her husband David want to move to Katy to be near her parents and possibly work together as chefs.

Daughter #4 Dolores LaRee (b) Aug. 11, 1959 in Detroit, MI m. Michael Thomas Lochbaum on Feb. 14, (1982) in Houston, TX. Mike was born Mar. 31, 1958 in Buffalo, NY. Both lived in Buffalo thru their teenage years, moved to Houston in the late 1970s, but did not meet in Texas until 1981.They have three children: Kristina Theresa (b) Sept 16, 1982 in Houston, TX. , Michael Thomas (b) Aug. 1, 1984 in Pasadena, TX, and Stefanie LaRee (b)Mar. 3, 1986 in Pasadena, TX. LaRee runs the Payment Processing Department at United Recovery Systems. She and Mike divorced after 18 years, but remain very good friends. LaRee lives in Katy, TX in a beautiful home where she and her sister Terry share a common back yard.  Terry and Steve first bought their home, and 2 years later suggested that LaRee have one built on a lot directly behind them.  They removed the backyard fence, and now have access to each other for sharing morning coffee etc.  LaRee, Kristina, Michael, and Stefanie all live in Katy along with the majority of the extended Schultz family. The Lochbaums are extremely close to each other and to their extended families both in Katy and in Buffalo.  Kristina graduated from Faith West in 2001, and went onto Virginia College in Austin. During her college years she roomed in San Marcos with her cousin, Rachael.  She is now an Ultrasound Technician, and owns her own home in Katy.  Brother Mike went to Texas State University. He was married on May 29th  2011 to Lindsay Ann Vogel b September 16th 1986 in Webster, TX.  Lindsay was instantly received and adored by the entire family. Mike and Lindsay had an intimate destination wedding in Playa Del Carmen Mexico, and then celebrated back in Texas with extended loved ones after their honeymoon. They have their own home in Katy. Mike works at Christian Brothers Automotive as a Franchise Performance Consultant, and Lindsay enjoys an office position in Katy and is studying to be a nurse.  Stefanie received her Psychology degree at the University of Houston in 2009. She worked at URS for several years, and was also a dance instructor. Stefanie is a natural with children and spent a season as a professional Nanny. She is currently in pursuit a career where she can make better use of her degree. Stefanie has had the pleasure of living with her best friends; her sister, Kristina, and her cousin Melissa for several years.  LaRee is very active in her church Parkway Fellowship and teaches a bible study at her home every Sunday.  Many of the members are also relatives.  Hers is usually the first class closed out because of her teaching and popularity.

Son 5 Donald Rafael (b) April 26, 1963 in San Marcos, TX. Don Rafael was named after his maternal grandfather.  The name Don was a title given to Rafael.  Don married Maria Elena Garcia in Brownsville, TX. On April 30, 1983 Mari was born in Brownsville, TX. Jan 25, 1960. Shortly thereafter he joined the United States Army serving honorably. They  have 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls.  Marco Antonio Garcia was born April 29, 1982 in Brownsville, TX. was step son to Don though he raised Marco from infancy as his own. Marco is now serving time at the Darrington Unit in Rosharon, TX. He is going to Christian College Seminar studying to be involved serving God. Christopher Wayne (b) May 5, 1987 in Clarksville, Tn., Stacey Marie (b) Oct. 20, 1988 in Lake Jackson, TX. And Monica Lynn (b) Sept. 1, 1990 in Houston, TX.  Chris m Lindsay Megan Buxton and have a little girl Mackenzie Elizabeth born April 17th 2011 in Katy TX. They now live in California.  Stacey married her best friend Kenneth Mark Drewery born March 16th 1983  He changed his last name to Schultz to bless Stacey, her father Don and Marks Mother whose maiden name was also Schultz. Mark and Stacey have a son named Brayson Alexander Schultz born November 7th 2010 in Katy TX. Monica and Joseph Warren Beaver Born August 28th 1981 have a house full of girls…three! There is Chloe Kylynn Stafford Born December 15th 2009 in Katy TX, Kinley Taylor Beaver born September 19th 2005 in Everett Washington and baby Brooklyn Teagen Beaver born February 22, 2013. Joseph works for Hallaburton and Monica is a full time Mom. They recently bought a home in Spring TX.  about 30 miles from Katy. Don and Mari divorced several years ago and Don was very involved in raising the children. He taught both daughters and daughter in law how to make pizzas from scratch and other meals as well. He adored them and his grandchildren. He graduated from college courses he was taking with honors and it blessed his heart. He was so thankful to Doug for giving him this chance. Don died Feb. 12, 2013 at 49. Cancer took him from us just short of his 50th birthday.  The entire family celebrated his 50th birthday to honor him with a family dinner at LaRee’s .  The table was decorated with 50’s decorated plates, napkins, sequin 50’s etc. sprinkled all over the table. Later we all went out back in a huge circle and sent off masses of huge balloons with messages on them for him.  He will be remembered by all his family and friends with love and fondness. His “happy songs” Don’t throw stones at your mother and It ain’t a gona rain no mo, will be carried on through his children and grandchildren as they remember a Papa that adored them.

6 Daughter: Deborah Theresa (b) Aug. 21, 1964 in San Marcos, Tx. Married 1. Emmett Broussard. They had one son Shawn Robert Broussard (b) Sept. 12, 1983 shortly after meeting in 1989 (3 weeks before becoming engaged…talk about love at first sight). Terry married Steve Allen Boneau,{ (b) Oct. 13, 1954/Port Arthur TX.} on June 3, 1989. Steve immediately became the best father that we could ask for Shawn to have.  Terry has worked at URS for the last 30 years. She started as a receptionist, worked her way up and is now the Chief Administrative Officer. Terry married  He is the Facility Manager at URS. Steve has one son Kristopher Wayne Boneau (b) Aug. 26, 1977. Kris married 1. Jamie Latiolais. They had one son, Chase Hunter (b) Oct. 27, 1998. 2. Married Erisa Hartman on April 26, 2003.  Erisa works at a credit union processing mortgages in Neederland, TX. And is quite the photographer.. They have one son Reese Alan born Aug. 4, 2005 and are now expecting a little girl, Mya in June. Kris was the youngest person to become Sergeant for the Port Arthur police department and now in addition to being a police officer owns a dog kennel where he trains dogs for police work as well as boards and trains dogs for local residents. Sandra Aileen Bradley was born in Austin Aug. 17, 1881   Shawn and Sandra met in San Marcos when they both were going to college. On Oct. 28, 2006 they were married.  They have two boys Jude Michael Feb. 11, 2010  born in Houston, TX. and Beck Gregg Allen born July 23, 2012 at Texas Children’s Hospital. Sandra is a full time mom.  Shawn work at URS in Houston, TX. They live and own the home that Shawn was raised in, (Katy, TX.). They love gardening and Sandra is quite accomplished as a seamstress. They are very involved in their Church youth group. Terry and Steve own a beautiful two story home in Katy with a huge swimming pool that they generously share with friends and family. Her sister LaRee happens to be her backyard neighbor, so much so they have torn down the fence. Terry and Steve have the pool and LaRee has the yard.  How cool is that? Everyone should have their sister live in their backyard.

Terry is active in Parkway Fellowship Church and has the children from our small group bible study (usually about 10 to 12 children of various ages) at her home when we have bible studies lead by LaRee at her home.  The children call her house “The Sweet House” as they know there will always be treats for them there. Terry is the Pied Piper of all children that know her as she adores children and they her.  They are perfect grandparents to Jude, Beck, Chase, Gavin, Reese and finally there will be a granddaughter in June..Little Miss. Mya Boneau. They also have a vacation home at Sam Rayburn Lake, just outside of Port Arthur which is close to fishing and hunting which the men in the family enjoy.  Terry enjoys “vegging out” reading or playing with her beautiful grandchildren while all the hunting, fishing activity is going on.  Smart girl!

7 Daughter:  My name is Diana Louise Ard ( Schwedgler/Schultz) and I was born to Carmen Luisa  and George Duane Schultz in Perth Amboy, New Jersey on March 7, 1967.  (1) m. Robert Joseph Schwegler, April 2nd 1983 in a home ceremony in Brownsville, TX. The minister kept falling asleep.  Bob was born in Cincinnati, Ohio on Oct. 15, 1960.  We have two girls Bobbi Jean (b) Oct. 27, 1983 in Cincinnati, Ohio and Melissa LaRee (named after my sister, LaRee) (b)Feb. 16, 1987 in Houston, Texas. (2) m. Wynston Troy Ard in a lovely garden ceremony in a gazebo in David (my eldest brothers) home on 9/7/1996 with all families involved.  The weather was perfect, and the atmosphere  filled with joy. Troy was born in Silsbee TX on 1/25/73 to name his parents WT & Judy Ard. We love being grandparents to Bobbi’s two precious boys Zayne Raddin Schwegler b 2/12/2009, in Katy TX. Roman Ezekiel Schwegler on 4/3/2010 in Katy TX, who we consider “our boys” .  We have a residential home in Katy TX. and a summer home by Sam Rayburn lake in Broaddus. Our girls graduated from Encourager Christian Academy and Faith West Christian Academy and both attended college in the Houston area.  Bobbi has her own home here in Katy and is the best mother I  have ever met, and Melissa shares a home also in Katy with her cousins Stef and Kristina Lochbaum she also owns a photo booth company that is just starting to become successful. Troy and I are joint owners of our business Absolutely Perfect Pictures  in Katy, TX. and loving our work shows in the end results of PERFECT PICTURES. We love our life and the fact that we are always in touch with immediate and extended family all living in the Katy area. Thanks to the generosity of our family we are living the high life. We are so thankful to still have our Mom and Dad around to guide us in life. Praise the Lord for what our family has grown into. We could not be prouder. Having so many of our family going to Parkway Fellowship Church helps and I do believe the pastors think THE SCHULTZS’ ARE TAKING OVER HA.
So many of the dates were gotten by Monica Krajenka (her father Ed and grandfather Frank) who lives in Warren Michigan and also from Richard Wenzel (Anna Krajenka was his great grandmother) also living in Michigan.  Thank you for your help.  In fact Richards father is buried in the same cemetery as grandma Josephine and none of us knew that until a reunion we had several years ago. Carmen Schultz…beloved granddaughter to Josephine Lyon Krajenka is blessed to have updated to current relations.

Sponsor Report – 2013 Hot Rod Reunion


Dave Schultz
June 17, 2013

The Hot Rod Reunion is a NHRA Musuem benefit by “Invitation (Limited to 300 cars) Only” in Bowling Green, KY the Thursday (arrive Wednesday) through Saturday before Father’s Day. While it is packed full of racing, the shear number of cars and exhibitions, plus a huge car show makes it more of a Social Event than a race. Indeed, in three days we got one Time Trial and one Qualifying on Thursday, and 1 Qualifying on Friday – before eliminations began on Saturday.

The Schultz team (Dallas, Hope, Dave & three dogs) left the shop at 9AM Tuesday. At 1pm the Motorhome’s generator turned off. When it was turned back on — it would run but not provide electricity. A rest area diagnosis found that the relay box that switches between shore power and generator had caught fire from a short. We also observed that one of the six 14-ply new (bought on the way to Bradenton in March) trailer tires had a golf ball size bubble in the side wall.

1004426_4938988028253_1324986155_n 1001646_4938954067404_1656671961_n

969056_4938973427888_1259031953_nTwo hours later and $600 lighter, the relay box was replaced and we were back on the road. We decided not to change the tire yet — but to watch it closely.

We arrived at the Walmart in Jackson, TN (our typical I-40 overnight stop for us) at midnight. Back on the road at 9AM Wednesday, and we arrived at the track to set up pits and tech cars in at 1PM. These tech guys put the cars and equipment under a microscope — and I had to get a new pair of gloves because of a 1/2″ rip at a seam in the palm.

981259_425013150929904_1832257875_oNostalgia Drag World posted the above photo on their site, saying: It wouldn’t be a hot rod reunion without the ‘Texas Whale’ owned and driven by Dave Schultz. A crowd favorite with those launches. At Bowling Green, KY. — with Dave Schultz.

Thursday we ran the cars in a Time Trial at 10:30 through a 40MPH head wind. We thought we’d get two Time Trials — but they canceled the second. At 1:30PM we got a no notice call to the lanes for the 1st round Qualifying. It was expected after 3PM.

HRR2013Friday at 9AM we were called to the lanes for the second Qualifying. Were suppose to get another Qualifying in the afternoon — but that too was canceled. The golf ball sized bubble in the trailer tire had grown to Softball size and was at the bead — so we swapped it for a spare.

HRR2013Saturday we were called to the lanes at 9:30 for the first round of Eliminations — but waited quite some time before we ran. Most all of us assumed the cars would run slower from the increased temperature — but most all of us broke out from that assumption because the humidity improved more than the temperature raised. Dallas and I were 1st round runner ups — and our four day adventure ended with only 4 passes each.

We were on the road back home by 1PM, and at our shop at 1PM Sunday morning.

Again, this wasn’t a points race, and it was more of a Social Event for the drivers. We had a great time swapping lies with the other 30 Nostalgia Super Stock drivers, and a NSS Bar-B-Q in DW & Barry’s pits. Now we’re happy to be home so we can get ready for our next points race in Joliet, IL. We’d just put a new engine in the Texas Whale — so these four passes were good break-in passes for the rings to seat prior to a points race. The cars ran very good.

It was in 2008 – Humor

newsletterMy wife and I have been on at least 25 cruises, in some years taking as many as three. Back in 2001 we started having “Extended Family Cruises” every couple of years, the first booking 53 cabins and about 120 family and friends going.

In early 2008, we’d planned another family cruise for the summer. A week before we went Hurricane Katrina hit, and the ship we were originally booked on was leased by the government for New Orleans refugees – the so travel agent scrambled to booked us on another ship. The day before we were to leave, there were three Hurricanes in the Gulf — and so many (the smart ones) bailed out going on the cruise. Just the same, we still had about 50 people in 20 cabins.

On these cruises, the cabin steward makes up your cabin while you’re at dinner, and will leave a white Newsletter with blue print on your bed. This Newsletter tell you about the ship’s plan for the next day and will introduce you to the ship’s personnel. I decided to make a mock newsletter to freak out my friends. I printed 50 copies (this was before half bailed) and on the first night of the cruise (at about 2:30AM) I slid a copy of the mock newsletter under the doors of our 25 cabins — and put the rest under another 25 random doors.

In the morning for breakfast — the whole ship was freaking out from rumors — which literally took the whole week to clear up. The ship security personnel did question some people trying to find out who had done it — but I skated Scott Free. The below is a link to the PDF file used to print the Newsletter. You have to remember that five years ago people were freaking out more about Terrorists, and hurricanes when you read it.


We did run through storms and there were barf bags taped to the railings every 10′. We got back just in time to get off Galveston Island before Hurricane Ivan hit it. We were about the only ones on the road racing (at 100MPH) to get back home before the storm hit.

As we were getting off the ship, there were people actually getting on. Galveston was wiped out and not only did all of those people parked at the terminal have their vehicles swept into the Gulf — but the ship couldn’t come back for another week. It hung out around New Orleans (with some sick, scared, and pissed passengers), and finally went to Corpus Chrisit to let people off there. They were bussed to Houston as the bridge to the Island wasn’t opened yet — and they didn’t have anything left there anyway.

My sister recently sent me a copy of my Newsletter — and I thought I’d share.