April 16, 2024

Luis Castillo

There are two Luis Castillos — one my maternal Grandfather’s brother (Father Louis) and the other his oldest son (I believe is it is Luis and not Louis)


Louis Castillo
By Carmen Schultz

Luis is 2nd from left

My oldest brother, Louis was the son of Ralph M. Castillo and was born in Caracas, Venezuela, South America.  He came to the United States with my father when he was very young and grew up most of his early years here.  He first lived at the church parish with my Grandmother Castillo, my uncle Louis, (who was the priest) and my father.  Later when my father married my mother Frances M. Lyon, Louis went to live with them.

I know very little about my oldest brother Louis, and have no pictures of him as he left home when I was about 7 or 8.  I do know that Louis was a good looking boy, had dark wavy hair and loved to sing and play the guitar.  I also remember that one of his girl friends was named Wendy because my younger brother Bud and I loved  hollering out, “Here comes Windy,” every time the breeze would blow open our kitchen door.  Bud and I were spoiled brats even back than!

Louis got into some trouble and I’m not really sure what it was as Mom and Dad kept us out of it pretty much.  I believe he and some other teens broke into a music store and stole some musical instruments.  I also know that he was put away awhile because of it.

Later Louis came to visit us at home in Fenton, Michigan and bought me a stuffed animal.  It was a cute white furry kitten and I loved it.  We kids didn’t get many toys and this was pretty special to me.  I was about 8 or 9 and that was the last time I saw my brother Louis.

When I was a young teen living in Brownsville with my parents, I remember hearing Mom and Dad talking about Louis having gotten into trouble again as an adult for stealing and this time he was deported back to South America.

Years later shortly after my name and picture came out in the Brownsville Herald announcing my engagement and up coming wedding; I received a letter from Louis.  It was from South America but he had heard that I was getting married and wrote to wish me the best.  At that time he told me that he was married and had three little girls.  I was so pleased that he wrote and sad that he couldn’t be with us during this special time in my life.

We heard no more from him until my parents went to Caracas just before my dad died.  They tried to find out something about Louis at that time.  The only thing my parents found out was that Louis possibly died. Mom and Dad could find out nothing about Louis’ extended family.

It’s very sad that this is all I know about my brother and that I did not know him better.  It has always been a sadness in my life.

I was bound and determined that this would never happen to my own children.  I’m pleased and grateful to say that my angels are very loving and helpful to one another. They also all live just minutes away from each other, and are able to see one another, if not daily, at least weekly.

So Louis, this is for you.  I didn’t know you well but I know you loved me in your way and I hold you dear to my heart.