May 20, 2024

Life & Times

This is the sub-menu landing page for the Life & Times of those at Hover over this link on the Navbar and you will find those ancestors who have submitted their Life & Times.

The difference between pages listed under “Life & Times” and the pages listed under the “Ancestors” Submenu — is that the “Life & Times” are autobiographies and “Ancestors” are biographies told by those who knew them best.

If you are one of the elders (over 60) in the Schultz, Castillo, Lyon(s), Frances, or VilleMonte families — please take some time to tell your story as you saw your life lived. When you submit it to me — you have the option of me publishing now — and holding until after your time on Earth is over.

Likewise — we really need the elders to tell us the stories of our ancestors gone, or who will not be with us too much longer. You also have the options of having me publish this now, after you’re gone, after they’re gone, or after the both of y’all are gone.

Wouldn’t it have been great if our grandparents would have documented their lives and the lives of the ancestors they knew? Sadly they didn’t, and now that history is pretty much gone forever. You have a chance to not repeat the mistake of our ancestors — by taking the time to share what you know, before time slips away.

The best way to do this is to write your “Life & Times” or what you know about a particular ancestor in Word, and then use the Contact Form to send me that document with how you want me to proceed.

Dave Schultz