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We absolutely need to have all family history documented by the elders who have knowledge of it. Forward to me and I’ll include on this site and ultimately put together a PDF book that can be pass on to family members.
Happy Birthday David Schultz!!!

Hi Aunt Carmen!

I just emailed the following email to Howard.  I thought Dave might like a copy, but mom doesn’t have his address.  You may want to pass it on after you read it.  The reunion was very well attended…32 people!  We all enjoyed the stories, pictures and FOOD!  Richard Wenzel gave me a picture of the bunch from the year that you attended the reunion.

Know that we love you all!  Hugs & Kisses to everyone!!!!
Lynn & Willie (Mom)

Hi Howard!

This is Lynn on mom’s computer.  We just returned from the Krajenka Family Reunion in Bay City, Michigan.  The entire time we were there, I couldn’t keep from thinking, “Howard should be here!”  So many people asked about you.  It would have been nice for you to look at pictures and speak to everyone, since you are the oldest living connection to the Lyon Family.

There were 32 people in attendance today.  Brad & I went with mom.  The shindig was organized by Monica Krajenka, daughter of Ed Krajenka…son of Frank Krajenka (Great-Grandma Lyon’s brother).  Rita, Ed’s wife, was there, as were three of her five children: Monica, Larry & Gerard. ( As you may rememeber, Ed passed away last year).   Two of John Krajenka’s sons were there, too.  Three of Vincent Krajenka’s grandchildren were there:  Richard, Barabra and Bill.  The rest of the group consisted of husbands, wives, children and grandchildren of the rest of the group.  We all just kept calling one another “Cousin”, so dad would have been right at home. 🙂 🙂   There were so many stories about the farm…hunting, chasing chickens, riding horses, milking cows, jumping in haystacks, etc.  You would have truly enjoyed them all!

Rita told a story of the pheasants of today.  They are so lazy they don’t fly.  While slowly walking across the road, they get hit by passing cars.  Now, THAT would be the easy way to hunt!  You wouldn’t even have to bring up any of your hunting gear. 🙂 🙂   Rita is quite a character.  We so enjoyed talking to her.

You would have loved looking at all of the pictures that were passed around.  Monica has made a huge book of family history…dating back to Poland.  Some of the records were in Polish dating back to 1705 from church records before the family moved to America.  AMAZING!   Can you believe that you have a relative that was the archbishop of Cracow in the 1400’s?!

I never realized that Great-Grandma Lyon had three brothers.  I knew she had two brothers: Frank & Vincent.  But she had a brother named Peter who died at the age of 33.  Vincent and Peter married sisters. 🙂   Does any of this ring a bell with you?   You need to help fill in some empty spaces for all of us, since dad’s not around to do so.

As “cousins” we need to rely on you to help with our history.  You should try to make it to the reunion next year.  I think you’d love it!  Aunt Carmen was here for the reunion about ten years ago.  It would be GREAT if you could both make it next time around.  Pray on it!

Speaking of praying, we’re lifting you to the Lord’s keeping!  Know that we hold you in our hearts!
Loving you bunches!
Lynn & Willie (Mom)