Roots on Facebook!

While the main web site of Old Hippie’s Roots is where the main articles telling of our ancestors individually are located, the Facebook Page is a place where family can discuss day-to-day family stuff — without all of the other weird Facebook postings on politics and religion, aches and pains, complaints and gripes, etc.

This is the appropriate place to share old family photos with a short description, link to ancestor history, photos from a big family event, and any other appropriate discussion of family. The page is organized in chronological order by month, and only displaying a couple of the most recent posts; so if you hadn’t visited the page for a while, be sure to click the More link at the bottom of each month.

Please, if you have a Facebook account, look over in the right sidebar for the Facebook RSS for this site — and click LIKE. This will get the Family posting on your newsfeed, and get you access to the Family Roots page on Facebook.

The page is currently open while we encourage our family members to click LIKE and participate — but at some point it will be closed to the public and private only to the family members who had clicked Like. The Facebook page is NOT intended to replace this web site, the purpose of which is to develop a documented history of all family members. The intention of the Facebook page is to better promote this site, share more history of our ancestors, and more of the day to day family discussions.

Please participate if you belong to the Schultz, Castillo, Francis, VilleMonte, or Lyon(s) families.

 Thank you

Dave Schultz