The Old Hippie’s Root’s Project


The Old Hippie’s Roots project is a collaboration from family members of the Schultz, Castillo, VilleMonte, Lyon(s), and Francis families to document it’s ancestry history, so that it might passed along to future generations. This is done in the Family Wiki, of which there is a wiki telling the story of each ancestor, and their descendants.

You can learn more about the site by reading the FAQs, and the posting below.

If you are in any way related to the Old Hippie, you are asked to please help with the collaboration of this family history.

Also check out the Old Hippie’s Roots on Facebook. This is where we have a day to day conversations regarding family. There you can post old family photos, update family with events and announcements, ask questions and read about our ancestors.

Thank you

Dave Schultz The Old Hippie